Who We Are

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Who are Xtaster?
Xtaster is a community more than a street team! Xtaster has grown from a group of dedicated music fans into a cutting edge network of trendsetters, promoters and artists. We’re looking for the tastemakers, pro active music fans who really know their local scene and their local scene recogonises them.

We arm the Xtaster community with the right tools to hit the streets and create an impact within local areas across the UK. We bring shit-hot bands to you and you introduce them to your local scene before anyone else. The Xtaster community has the power to decide which bands we work with. You help us by joining the team for the new bands you like. We get you into the gigs, sort you out with a bunch of free shirts, flyers, stickers and the VIP treatment you deserve. We also make sure the bands know who the Xtaster members are so they can meet the teamers who are involved.