Togel Hongkong Casinos try to lure 6-figure gamblers

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Casinos love high-rollers. But there are only so many million-dollar players out there.


So gaming houses are increasingly focusing on players willing to wager between $50,000 and $250,000.


A must-have at this Saturday’s $100,000 blackjack tournament at Resorts Atlantic City casino for high-rollers is $25,000 in available funds. Without this “internal qualification,” you cannot even get a seat at the tables, said Anthony Patrone, vice president of marketing for Resorts.


The prize: $100,000 winner takes all. The tournament is limited to 100 players.


“Gamblers like gambling in the casino, but given the opportunity to gamble against each other, they love that,” Patrone said. “It appeals to their competitive side.”


Patrone said Resorts now was “less willing” to chase business from seven-figure players because they can be volatile and fickle. “Luckily, there’s more of the six-figure players,” he said.


To accommodate their growing ranks, Patrone said, Resorts’ new hotel tower added 42 suites strictly for high-rollers. Before the new tower opened last summer, Resorts only had 16 suites for this coveted group and did not have the capacity to host such tournaments.


Raid nets 23 gambling suspects


By JOHN GHIRARDINI The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Published on: 03/02/05 A weekend raid on an alleged gambling house netted 23 suspects and $17,231 in cash, police said Tuesday.


An attorney for two of the suspects called it a friendly poker tournament.


Officers from the county’s Multi-Agency Drug Task Force burst into a house on Spring Mill Cove in Duluth about midnight Saturday, officials said.


Police arrested 16 players on misdemeanor Togel Hongkong gambling charges, said Officer Darren Moloney, Gwinnett police spokesman. Bond was set at $1,000 each. Another five suspects were charged with commercial gambling, a felony. Bonds for the five, who police said included dealers, a hostess and a worker cleaning the house, ranged from $5,000 to $25,000.


One of the felony suspects was identified as Maurice Moultrie, who was providing armed security, according to an arrest warrant. Moloney confirmed that Moultrie, who lives in College Park, is a Fulton County deputy. His bond was set at $15,000.


Two suspects, Michael Gordon Rolader and Eli N. Nelson-Heath, each face a misdemeanor charge of keeping a gambling house as well as one commercial gambling charge. Rolader’s bond was set at $30,000 and Nelson-Heath’s at $20,000.


The two men’s attorney, Troy Hendrick of Decatur, issued a statement saying, “This is nothing more than a lot of friends playing poker tournaments.”




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