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“People want to play,” says Dan Goldman, PokerStars.com’s vice president of marketing, referring to those who play online with play money or Judi Online24jam Deposit Uang real cash. “They want to be involved – and raise and re-raise. And they want to see the flop. The result is much more action.”

Goldman, 49, a poker player himself, says that when gamblers sit down at a $15/$30 Limit Hold’Em game in a casino poker room, “maybe four people see the flop,” the set of three common cards that gives players five of their eventual seven cards.

“Online, six, seven or eight people see the flop,” he says. “That means much larger pots. But then you see people turn over their hands and you ask yourself, ‘What was that guy thinking?’ You wouldn’t put in a nickel on the cards they bet on.”

Todd Discenza, PokerStars.com’s assistant marketing director, says playing online with fake money “can be a very basic learning tool, for example you can learn the rank of hands. But the play is very loose. It’s more like playing craps than playing poker.”

Typically, when a wild player goes “all in” and loses at a play money table, he or she simply goes back to an online poker room’s “bank”Judi Online24jam Deposit Uang and reloads with additional fake money.

Most sites limit the number of “withdrawals” per hour or day, but there are plenty of cowboys out there ready to bet the ranch without fear of losing a single head of cattle.

Popularity of online play

There are literally dozens of online poker rooms: PartyPoker.com, PokerStars.com, UltimateBet.com and ParadisePoker.com are the four largest. Each offer wannabes the ability to play with fake dough as well as with real money.

At 2 a.m. Friday, about 15,000 players were wagering real money at some 2,200 online poker tables, according to PokerPulse.com, a website that measures online poker activity. The site estimated that in the prior 24 hours, some $95 million had been wagered in real-live online poker games.

At that same moment, PokerStars.com’s Judi Online24jam Deposit Uang website stated that it had 8,123 players on 1,337 tables. According to PokerPulse.com, PokerStars.com had 2,070 gamblers wagering real money on 307 tables at that time, meaning that many more were just practicing. Earlier this month, PokerStars.com announced that it had dealt its 500 millionth hand.

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