Results just in!

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Chris Cornell nips it….


Results in for the Xtaster Poll – Best Facial Hair:

James Hetfield – The Handlebars – 13%
Chris Cornell – The Soul Patch – 38%
Chino Deftones – The Chin Warmer – 35%
David Disturbed – The Egg – 14%

So there you have it folks!

It seems all of you out there in  Xtaster land are into some face fuzz , Chris Cornell the 007 of rock smoothes his way into the lead , narrowly beating Chino Deftones the Vin Diesel of rock and hammering David Disturbed  the Dr. Evil of rock! with James Hetfield the Easy Rider of rock bringing up the rear!

Well done Chris  , Xtaster will be sending you  a new chin strimmer on behalf of the Xtaster crew!
He’s a ssssoull man!..Indeed

Mary Farris