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Gladiator themed slots offer hours of entertainment


One Titan Casino player is already having a great New Year.  Hitting the jackpot is exciting any day, but on January 1st, well one would be hard pressed to see that as anything but a good omen for things to come.


Gaetamo C of Italy certainly started the year off right when he won €22,714 playing Gladiator slots on January 1, 2010.


His win on the popular Gladiator themed Playtech slot machine was the first big Titan Casino win of 2010. And so we extend to him our congratulations and togelwishes for continued prosperity (and luck) throughout the year.


If you haven’t already played the Gladiator slots, you definitely should give this captivating game a try.  Based on the historical epic movie of the same name, this game includes amazing graphics and animation (all of the characters and symbols in the game are from the Gladiator movie), as well as a stunning soundtrack that accompanies the impressive visuals throughout the game. In fact, for the full effect, real clips, audio samples, and characters/images from the actual movie are included in this game.


Ancient Rome themed game symbols include General Maximus, Emperor Marcus Aurelius, Senator Gracchus, and Lucilla, while the wild symbol is the Gladiator Helmet.


Overall there are 39 winning combinations available on the reels – in other words, lots of opportunities to win.


Bigger Welcome Bonus to Celebrate Unveiling of Titan Bet German




We’ve got lots of exciting things happening this week at Titan Bet – besides the usual array of sports bets, of course.


First off, our incredible 100% First Deposit Bonus offer just got even better.  Instead of the original up to $/€/£200 bonus all new players received on their first deposit, they are now eligible for up $/€/£250!  In other words, when you sign up at Titan Bet you can now receive as much as $/€/£250 additional free cash. If you’re counting (and who isn’t really?) that’s a 25% increase.


The other equally exciting big news is that Titan Bet is now fully integrated in German.  That’s right.  The Titan Bet German bets site offers all of the same features as the original English language site, just in German. That means you can now read all the sports stats, place all your bets, or follow the live score of any given game on the newly launched German language Titan Bet site.


So if you’re a sports fan from a German speaking country, or just happen to prefer the German language, and you’ve yet to deposit at Titan Bet, with our two latest developments revealed this is just the moment you’ve been waiting for.






Mary Farris