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You see the fruit machine all the time – in Vegas, Reno, even online. Pull the slot handle for a chance at a million bucks or some other super sum. It’s not hard, it’s not impossible, winning at slots is always a possibility when you live by my motto of “nothing tried, nothing done”. Below I’ve outlined the stories of some giant slot jackpot winners. How they did it. When they did it. Who was with them when they made the big pull. Maybe you might be lucky enough to make this page one of these days, but in the mean time, read on and see if you can pick up a tip or two about the real ways to go about winning at slots.

July 2001 – A Mississauga woman living in a cramped two-bedroom apartment with her husband and four children became an instant millionaire playing the slot machine at Casino Niagra over the weekend. Maryam Talini, 37, was down $900 from playing blackjack before winning $1,309301.20. Her children will benefit from the luck. “I want to take them to Disneyland because they have never been there before,” Ms.Talini said. After an unsuccessful night at the blackjack table, Mrs. Talini went to a bank machine to take out another $100. She put in $20 in a slot machine and three spins later she was a winner. It was the first time Maryam had played the machine. Ms. Talini said she will decide in the near future if she will keep her job as a driving instructor. She becomes the second person this month to win a million dollars at the casino. Two weeks ago, Pamela Fowler, 37, of Grimsby won Ontario’s biggest slot jackpot ever – $1,329,994.25.


Summer 2001 – Jocelyne B. of Canada cashed …

UK daily newspaper, The Sportsman, seeks Online Agen Bola Gambling advertising



The Sportsman, Britain’s first new national daily newspaper in 20 years, is betting that a gambling boom fueled by the Internet and televised soccer matches will help it overcome the industry’s lackluster advertising growth.


“The market has undergone a massive shift in the past five years,’’ said Max Aitken, the newspaper’s managing director and a great-grandson of Lord Beaverbrook, the legendary press baron. “The U.K. betting market in the past 10 years has grown from 5 billion pounds ($8.78 billion) to 40 billion pounds.’’


The Sportsman, which publishes its first issue today, aims at a new generation of gamblers attracted to Internet poker and the bevy of weekly soccer games now available on pay TV services such as British Sky Broadcasting Plc. The new London-based paper is taking on Trinity Mirror Plc’s Racing Post while billing itself as looking at a broader range of sports than “The Horse’s Mouth,’’ as the Trinity title calls itself.


Newspaper advertising has been in short supply in Britain in the past six months, with several publishers reporting lower ad sales. The Racing Post’s ad revenue fell 0.7 percent last year compared with an ad-sales decline of 11.4 percent for Trinity’s national newspaper unit. Average circulation was 70,334 in February.


The new seven-day-a-week Sportsman will cost 1 pound during the week and 1.20 pounds on weekends, and aims for an average daily circulation of 40,000, said Ed Pownall, a spokesman. It counts on betting shops such as Ladbrokes Plc and William Hill Plc for the bulk of its advertising.


Trinity Mirror will “vigorously defend our turf,’’ Chief Executive Officer Sly Bailey said earlier this month, and has already “modernized’’ the Racing Post through such features as a 36-page sports betting supplement on Saturday called RPSport.




Judi Slot Online and Togel Hongkong



Sebelum kita memulai perkenalan dengan apa itu permainan Judi Slot Online, mari kita cari tau dulu sejarah lahirnya permainan slot online, berikut ini adalah sejarah bagaimana terciptanya permainan slot online.


Begitu banyak cara kita untuk mengetahui seluk beluk dari permainan slot ini, salah satu caranya adalah dengan anda membaca buku. Apabila anda tertarik dengan ” Slot Machines – A. Pictorial history of the First 100 Years” yang di karya oleh Marshall Frey bisa menjadi salah satu buku yang bisa anda baca. Buku ini adalah keluaran edisi keenam. Buku ini memiliki 256 halaman, anda bisa membaca dan mencari tau tentang sejarah permainan slot dari a sampai dengan z. Bahasa yang digunakan dalam buka tersebut adalah bahasa yang bersifat narasi. Maka dari itu anda tidak perlu khawatir akan kebosanan sebelum anda membaca buku tersebut sampai habis. Buku tersebut juga ada menulis tentang evolusi dari mesin game yang berbasis koin, yang disinyalir sebagai mesin slot pertama, Liberty Bell yang sudah dirancang oleh Charles Fey pada 1899.


Didalam buku tersebut juga terdapat 630 foto yang akan menjelaskan gambaran anda tentang mesin slot. Akan tetapi sangat sayang sekali, karena layout foto didalam buku tersebut belum tertata rapi. Ada yang sudah diberi bingkai, ada juga yang diletakkan di pinggir halaman, ada yang berfungsi sebagai background, dan ada pula yang teronggok begitu saja di tengah – tengah halaman. Karena Marshall Fey adalah cucu dari penemu mesin slot 3 – reel, maka tidak heran bahwa bahasanya mudah dipahami, dengan kosakata yang kaya. Buku tersebut diterbitkan oleh Libertu Belle Books.


Kali ini agen akan menjelaskan mitos dari permainan Judi Slot Online ini. Slot adalah salah satu jenis perjudian yang banyak diminati oleh para bettor. Apalagi permainan ini dimainkan secara online dan aman, karena anda tidak perlu kemana – mana lagi dan takut.


Team Play Togel Hari Ini in Blackjack



Team play in Blackjack is one way that players can gain an advantage over the casino when playing the game of Blackjack. Through the use of team play the members of the team can utilize many strategies that the lone player can not implore. In most casinos the house is able to monitor each player’s betting habits and determine when a player is making a bet that is out of the ordinary. By determining when a player is making a bet that is against Basic Strategy in Blackjack the house is able to find players that are using other playing strategies to try to gain an advantage on the house. In order to combat this many Blackjack players have moved to a team system.


The team system offers many benefits over the traditional lone player. Such benefits are the ability to go undetected by casino staff and programs that monitor player betting. The use of team play presents the Blackjack player with more options during the Blackjack game. The player can use team play as a way to know the count without having to personally keep the count. By having one member of the team keep the count the other members of the team are able to act as casual gamblers at the casino. Once the count becomes favorable the team should have a signal. It can be as simple as that member going to the bathroom. Then the team will know that the card is at a certain point and is favorable to the players. At this point the team has to devise a strategy to increase their bets to take advantage of the favorable count.


In a situation above it is important to have a set moment when the player will signal. By having …

UE Commissioner: US Violated World Trade Organization Rules By Banning Internet Togel Online Gambling



EU Commissioner Peter Mandelson is pressing the United States to open its gambling market to European operators or compensate for losses.


Mandelson visited Washington, D.C. this week for meetings on “Transatlantic Economic Cooperation,” and met with U.S. Trade Representative Susan Schwab.


He said that the United States should pay the European Union and other countries compensation for violating World Trade Organization rules by banning Internet gambling or open its doors to trade. He also met with U.S. Representative Barney Frank, D-Mass., to discuss possible legislative solutions to a trade dispute over online Togel Online gaming.


The WTO ruled that the U.S. had violated trade rules by barring Antiguan online gaming operators from the U.S. market. Then, the U.S. withdrew its WTO obligations with regard to free trade in the gaming area. Now, Europe and other countries can demand trade concessions up the size of the entire sector on an annual basis.


EU and U.S. leaders are in settlement talks but have not agreed on the size of the concessions. If they do not come to an agreement, the EU could demand a binding arbitration before a WTO panel.


Antigua has entered arbitration to determine the size of the compensation, while India, Costa Rica, and Canada are also seeking compensation. Rep. Frank has introduced the Internet Gambling Regulation and Enforcement Act, which would regulate Internet gambling and could bring the U.S. into compliance with WTO rules.


U.S. trade partners have said that the American withdrawal sends a message that the United States sets different standards for itself and its trade partners. Gambling operators inside the country also want the federal government to allow Internet gambling companies into the market, now dominated by operators in Las Vegas.


Churchill Downs Incorporated Reports 2007 Third-Quarter …

Get casino bonus you deserve and win big Togel Online



Casinos are not just for the the wealthy anymore because everyone can now play on it if they like. The casino houses have been established more than a hundred years before and it is still becoming more popular recently. In the past, poker tournaments and casino games require a exclusive membership and this is normally reserved to rich clients. But with the aid of technology, almost anybody can get and join poker tournaments or blackjack on the internet. Well, gambling in the internet has become favorable over the land-casinos but nevertheless, it is still as pleasurable as the real one. Some may find the atmosphere of internet casino s as unexciting but there are those who find playing at home rewarding and convenient. Privacy is also a concern in online casinos. People who want more security prefer to bet and wager online without really going to the nearest casino branch.There are many casino bonus codes you can get especially if you’re just beginning to play online. These casino bonus codes are usually given to first-time players only but some casinos give out bonuses depending on your wagering tactics and strategy. Some give out an extra 120% on your first payment and free chips on other games. You may not know it but these casino bonus codes can actually boost your bankroll if you know how to use a game plan. Even if you participate in a casino on the internet, you can also get marketing bonuses and many marketing gimmicks if you are considered as a patron.Loyalty and continued patronage can earn you some great casino freebies. However, be careful in choosing a online Togel Online casino sites. Make sure that the company you choose legitimate with accounting firms with respectable reputation. In this way, you are sure …

Ethereum Foundation Strikes Crypto Gambling Deal with Russian Development Bank



The non-profit dedicated to supporting development of the ethereum protocol has signed a partnership with Russian state-owned development bank Vnesheconombank (VEB).

Announced in a joint statement yesterday, the Ethereum Foundation will work together with the VEB to support its new blockchain research center, providing specialist training for distributed ledger technology and the ethereum platform.


The partnership hopes to help foster a community of ethereum experts within Russia and to assist the formation projects based on ethereum and other blockchain.


Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin said in statements:




The official partnership signing took place at a blockchain event in Tatarstan this weekend called “Blockchain: The New Oil of Russia.” Senior officials from VEB are in attendance, as well as Buterin, who spoke at the event.


The partnership is part of a series of steps that Russia are taking towards blockchain implementation nationwide.


WOW FREE OMG tokens to be given to all Ethereum holders


OmiseGO, an Ethereum blockchain-based payment solution company, announced that it would issue 5 percent of the total OMG tokens it has set aside for Ethereum holders in the near future via an Crypto Gambling Airdrop or massive disbursement to blockchain wallet addresses.


According to OmiseGO, constraints such as time, opportunity, and technical prowess bar entry for many who wish to participate in token offerings. In a perhaps-good-natured move, OmiseGO wants to distribute wealth back into the ecosystem. Specifically, OmiseGO said, “Every address on the Ethereum blockchain that held a balance over a minimum threshold of 0.1 ETH at a recent past …

Tips Cara Memilih Ayam Bandarqq Laga Berkualitas



Dalam memilih ayam laga khususnya ayam bangkok bukanlah suatu hal yang mudah dilakukan. Tetapi yang namanya kelebihan dari setiap ayam tetap bisa dilihat walaupun tidak bisa 100% akurat menang dalam sebuah pertandingan. Tetapi dengan Tips ini kita bisa meningkatkan persentasi kemenangan anda.


Berikut ini Tips Cara Memilih ayam lama berkualitas yaitu :

– Bagian Kepala Besar dan berbentuk buah pinang (bulat panjang) maka ayam lebih tahan pukul dan pintar susah dipatok dan tidak asal pranggal, bila kepalanya berbentuk terlalu bulat biasanya ayam bodoh mudah dipatok dan asal mukul tanpa memperhatikan pukulan lawan.


– Pada bagian kelopak mata wajib terlihat dalam sehingga mata dapat terlindung dari pukulan lawan dan bagian mata wajib jernih (tidak ada bercak hitam) semakin kecil bintik hitam di matanya

menandakan ayam tersebut mempunyai mental yang bagus dan lebih sensitif terhadap gerakan lawan.


– Jengger tebal dengan postur jengger semakin kebelakang semakin tinggi dan semakin tebal merupakan ciri-ciri ayam yang memiliki mental yang tangguh. Bila jengger terlihat tebal di depan dan

semakin kecil kebelakang merupakan ciri-ciri Bandarqq ayam bermental buruk (tidak tahan terhadap rasa sakit).


– Paruh ayam melengkung seperti paruh elang dan keras, menunjukkan paruh yang kuat, tidak mudah patah, sehingga dapat dengan mudah menjewer lawan dan memberikan akurasi pukulan yang tepat mengenai sasaran.


– Pilih Leher berbentuk huruf ( r ) sehingga memudahkan ayam melakukan kontrol yang baik, tidak mudah terkena pukulan dan dapat dengan mudah melakukan penguncian ke leher lawan.

– Bagian dada yang baik berbentuk bidang dan tegak, bagian dada lebih besar bila dibandingkan dengan bagian belakang sehingga mudah menelak pukulan lawan.


Untuk itu sebelum anda melakukan taruhan Ayam Sabung anda diusahakan anda terlebih dahulu memperhatikan fisik-fisik ayam seperti yang sudah dibahas di artikel kami diatas.

Semoga bermanfaat untuk anda semua dan terima kasih.



Stories: The Bitcoin Dice Path of Destinies looks like this generation’s Bastion



Way back in 2011, Supergiant Games made waves with Bastion, the isometric brawler with a gorgeous aesthetic, deeply satisfying combat, and a fantastical story brought to life by a gifted narrator. Now, in 2016, all those same righteous descriptors apply to Stories: The Path of Destinies, a PS4 and PC action RPG set to debut on April 12th (as part of PlayStation’s Launch Party 2016 event this summer). I got the chance to play through a brief demo at GDC, and all the brilliant games it brought to mind – Bastion, the Batman: Arkham series, Armello, the criminally underplayed PS3 platformer Puppeteer – have rocketed Stories to the upper echelons of my most anticipated games in 2016. It’s that good.


Looks can be deceiving: though the colorful world and cast of anthropomorphic animals could make you mistake Stories as strictly for kids, the plot is actually a complex, mature scenario (hence the Armello comparison). You play as Reynardo, a roguish fox (and ex-pirate) who’s a key player in a rebellion against an oppressive emperor. Though Reynardo doesn’t yet know it, he’ll actually be the deciding factor that determines which side wins the impending final battle – but this isn’t an all-or-nothing scenario set in stone. Much like Tom Cruise’s character in the time-looping action flick Edge of Tomorrow, Reynardo is able to relive the events leading up to the climactic conflict thanks to the magical Book of Destiny, and in turn rethink all the choices he’s made along the way.


Those choices are crucial to the overall tone of Stories. You’ll frequently be forced to pick between two options that take the plot in wildly different directions: perhaps you’ll opt for the goody-two-shoes, friendship-is-power path like I did, or maybe you’ll go for the nuclear option …




Agen betting menawarkan info judi tentang permainan taruhan online di internet yang menyenangkan. Sekarang dalam bermain taruhan online oleh sebab itu kita akan akan lebih tidak dipersulit sekali dalam bermain berbagai macam permainan taruhan online. dalam bermain taruhan online saat ini kita dapat bermain taruhan online dengan lebih gampang dan juga akan dapat memainkan beragam jenis permainan taruhan online.


Dalam bermain taruhan online saat ini kita dapat melakukannya dengan memakai agen dalam internet. Memainkan judi di internet oleh sebab itu bermain ini kita akan dapat semakin tidak dipersulit saja, dengan bermain judi dalam internet oleh sebab itu kita akan dapat mendapatkan sangat banyak macam permainan taruhan online yang tentunya semua permainan taruhan online ini akan dapat dengan mudah dapat dimainkan. dengan adanya permainan taruhan online yang dapat dimainkan dalam internet atau dengan cara online ini tentu akan dapat menjadikan kita menjadi beruntung sekali dalam bermain taruhan online.


Dengan ini kapan saja kita akan dapat memainkan judi di internet ini, dengan kita lebih pintar dalam memanfaatkan waktu untuk bermain taruhan online, oleh sebab itu dengan waktu yang kita gunakan untuk bermain judi ini akan dapat menjadikan kita sangat banyak dapat menghasilkan keuntungan. Dengan agen judi yang dapat di percaya oleh sebab itu bermain judi online akan akan lebih mudah dan nyaman untuk di mainkan.




Agen betting beri info menarik dan terpercaya tentang website judi resmi untuk judi bola online. Sekarang kita akan lebih di mudahkan sekali dalam berusaha bermain permainan judi online dengan adanya internet atau juga dengan website judi online yang banyak dalam di internet memang ini yang bisa menjadikan kita tidak menjadi kebingungan lagi kalau ingin memilih tempat ingin bermain judi yang sangat aman.


Situs judi dalam internet yang bisa membantu kita dalam bermain judi, …