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PartyGaming speculated financing possible sports Online Gambling betting acquisitions



PartyGaming was once again the subject of intense speculation today after it emerged the company had tapped the bond markets for up to $500 Million to finance possible sports betting acquisitions.


It is thought Party is looking towards a European-focused but ex-UK sports betting operation in order to diversify its interests away from it mainly US-focused poker and casino interests. Two names heavily tipped as possible takeover targets Gamebookers and Unibet.


The privately-owned Gamebookers was acquired by Isle of Man-based Trident in July 2005 for $43 Million (£24 Million). It has a strong presence across Europe, especially eastern and southern Europe and has approximately 150,000 registered customers. It is very active in promoting and marketing itself in those territories and has signed numerous sponsorship deals with sports and football clubs. In October 2005, Gamebookers revealed it was looking at a stock market flotation and valued itself at between £75 Million and £100 Million.


And Swedish-listed betting and Online Gambling operator Unibet. listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange and is one of the leading online bookmakers in Scandinavia. Its share price at the time of writing had gone up SEK5 to SEK195, valuing the company at just over SEK5bn ($678 Million).


Wayne Brown, analyst at Altium Capital, said: “Party could go into the UK market, but it probably wants something more continental Europe-focused. It wouldn´t want to be going up against the strong UK brands.”


Simon Holliday from Global Betting and Gaming Consultants, said he was not surprised about the news of a possible acquisition. “Both Party and 888 have been on the lookout for a sports betting acquisition. I think they each wanted to buy one before the start of the World Cup.”


It has a strong historical presence in southern Europe …

Party Poker Offering Bad Beat JackpotFree Sports Picks

Following the lead of many brick and mortar cardrooms, PartyPoker is now offering a progressive bad beat jackpot. The jackpot stood at nearly $87,000 on Wednesday evening and typically increases at a rate of nearly $1,000 per hour, according to PartyPoker.

To win the jackpot a player must first find a seat at one of the bad beat jackpot tables, which are all real money Texas Holdem games. Limits range from $2-$4 to $15-$30. At these tables, each time a hand with a pot size large enough to trigger the rake is dealt, an extra 50 cents is added to the jackpot. To qualify for the jackpot at least 4 players must be dealt in the hand and the jackpot contribution must be taken from the pot.

Hitting the jackpot is no easy task. A minimum of quad eights must be beaten and both hole cards from the winner’s and loser’s hands must play. Each time the jackpot hits, 70% is distributed, 20% is used as seed money for the next jackpot and the remaining 10% is kept by PartyPoker as an administrative fee. As is usual in jackpot hands elsewhere, the loser of the hand wins 50% of the prize, the winner 25% and the rest of the players dealt in the hand split the other 25%.

Players finding themselves in a potential jackpot hand at PartyPoker must be sure to remain quiet. Any action which compromises the independence of one’s play, such as telling an opponent how to act or revealing your hand, will disqualify the hand for the jackpot.

The WSOP Circuit will be five events, including the World Series and Free Sports Picks. Oddly enough, all the events will be held at Harrah’s properties in different locations across the United States. Besides the prize money, …

Online Casino Extra Poker Cheats: Beware Of Internet Players Cheating Via Collusion



Almost every poker player has run into a cheater at one time or another. Casino Extra Cheaters usually have little or no skill at the game, but are very good at manipulating the cards to their advantage, and at giving themselves unfair advantages over honest players. Where honest players spend their time learning all they can about the game, cheaters spend their time honing their cheating skills, and looking for new cheats to learn. They make minimal effort to advance their game in honest ways.


The method that is easiest for the cheater is collusion. It is very hard to catch a player in the cheat of collusion, and it is next to impossible to prove. Collusion occurs when two or more poker players will secretly work together at the same poker table. They usually plan to merge and split their winnings once the game is over, thereby often enabling them to double their winnings. There is little skill necessary on the part of the cheater to be able to pull this off. Collusion does pose a large threat to the other players at the table.


Players that are in collusion may do several different things to help each other during the game. They may get together beforehand and decide that one of them will distract the other players at the table, so that the other, who will probably be the next dealer, may stack the deck in their favor.


When players are acting together in collusion, one player may flash their hand so that the other player can see it. This lets the other player know what cards that player has, so that they can help them in anyway possible to win the hand.


Occasionally, the players in collusion may speak a different …

Its All In the Casino Cbet Pot so don’t get Blinded by the Antes



Poker players may be familiar with the concept of an Ante, the minimum amount required as a bet to start to play a hand. In Texas Hold ‘em Antes are not a common occurrence. We will cover their usage in more detail later, but for now consider that Antes are typically not used in favor of a betting structure called Blinds.


Do not get blinded by the concept that blinds replace antes as they are two unique animals. Unlike an ante that forces all potential players to provide a minimum bet prior to the deal, blinds are only required by two players. This may seem a little unfair, but all players take turns in moving into a Position that will enable them to put money down for The Blinds. I say The Blinds as there are two positions called Blinds. The Small Blind and The Big Blind both of which are located to the left of the dealer position. The dealer position rotates around the table in a clockwise fashion and is called The Button.


So today before we can even talk about money, we must first learn about Positions! (Don’t worry we will get a chance to bet soon. You can Bet on it!)




Above you can see a table the Casino Cbet Dealer Button is marked with a Yellow disk with the letter D in it. The small blind is forced to bet 5 and the Big Blind 10.


If we were to stretch the table of players out and put them in a police line up, the list below would represent our potential offenders in the first hand:


|Player 6 | Player 5 | Player 4 | Player 3 |Player 2 Big Blind | Player 1 …

Texas Hold’em Cheri Casino Poker Hand Odds – A Primer



What about the second player to be dealt? What are their odds? Well, here’s where it gets a little confusing. It depends on who is calculating. If you are the first player, or the commentator in a live tourney, you know the first 2 cards dealt. The second player does not, and has to calculate their odds the same way as the first player did.


The odds from the omnipotent perspective (i.e., the real one) would be as follows. Say two 10 pt cards have been dealt to the first player. The second player then has (20-2)/ (52-2) =~ 0.36 = 36.00% odds of also getting a 20-hand, in reality. But they don’t know that. They either have to assume 38.46%, as with the first player, or better. For example, if the first player did not get a 20, then the second player has 20/(52-2) = 40.00% odds of getting a 20. So the easiest, as a player, is to assume the worst case scenario, 36%, and then try to guess what the other player holds.


Now that you know the difference between real odds and perspective Cheri Casino odds, you can figure out what the odds are for each successive player in a match to get a 20 hand. Obviously, since there 20 10-pt cards in a deck and no more than 10 players in a game of Texas Hold’em, they could conceivably all have 20-hands.


What are the odds of that happening, though? I leave that as an exercise for you, but it’s very small. (Hint: multiply the real odds for each player.)


What about the player odds you see on TV, during a Texas Hold’em tourney? Those are “real” odds, calculated only because the commentators (and audience) know exactly what every …

Texas Hold’em is reaching outer limits on the internet – Judi Online24jam Deposit Uang

“People want to play,” says Dan Goldman,’s vice president of marketing, referring to those who play online with play money or Judi Online24jam Deposit Uang real cash. “They want to be involved – and raise and re-raise. And they want to see the flop. The result is much more action.”

Goldman, 49, a poker player himself, says that when gamblers sit down at a $15/$30 Limit Hold’Em game in a casino poker room, “maybe four people see the flop,” the set of three common cards that gives players five of their eventual seven cards.

“Online, six, seven or eight people see the flop,” he says. “That means much larger pots. But then you see people turn over their hands and you ask yourself, ‘What was that guy thinking?’ You wouldn’t put in a nickel on the cards they bet on.”

Todd Discenza,’s assistant marketing director, says playing online with fake money “can be a very basic learning tool, for example you can learn the rank of hands. But the play is very loose. It’s more like playing craps than playing poker.”

Typically, when a wild player goes “all in” and loses at a play money table, he or she simply goes back to an online poker room’s “bank”Judi Online24jam Deposit Uang and reloads with additional fake money.

Most sites limit the number of “withdrawals” per hour or day, but there are plenty of cowboys out there ready to bet the ranch without fear of losing a single head of cattle.

Popularity of online play

There are literally dozens of online poker rooms:,, and are the four largest. Each offer wannabes the ability to play with fake dough as well as with real money.

At 2 a.m. Friday, about 15,000 players were wagering real …

David Williams won $3.5 million finishing second in WSOP – Judi Online




Williams had played in a pro tournament before, but he’d never played at the World Series of Poker. He figured he’d take a shot–if he played well, great. If not, he did his best. His best, as it turned out, was better than all but one player. Williams finished second and won $3.5 million. A few weeks later, he turned 24. He needs just two Judi Online more semesters to graduate from SMU with a degree in economics and a minor in math. After that he could go to work for the rest of his life…or not. Play poker for the rest of his life…or not. He’s young, rich and bright–and he has options.


So that’s it, right? End of story? Local kid makes good, wins money, enjoys fame? Not quite. Poker players are different–or at least this one is. Despite the good fortune, he remains tortured, beating himself up over what could have been instead of enjoying what is. The parallel life he could have led preoccupies him at times: He went to Princeton for a while, then left because it wasn’t for him; he never knew his dad; and he did well in the World Series, but if he had bested just one more player, he would have been a god instead of just another guy who didn’t win it all. He sometimes obsesses over that stuff, and he knows it, but he can’t help it, either.


“I think about the final hand every day,” Williams says. “I think about it all the time–the way it went down, getting so close to being the champion. I mean, it wasn’t about the money. OK, sure, it was about the money–the money was nice. It is nice. But it Judi Online wasn’t entirely about that. …

Bagaimana sich Cara yang benar – Togel Singapore




Spektakuler bukan situs Togel Singapore tersebut, dan langsung saja mengarah ke situs web W88 jika anda klik link alternatif W88 diatas dan setelah itu anda isi lengkap form W88 diatas dengan tepat dan benar agar proses Cara Daftar 188bet berhasil.


Form Alamat email silahkan masukkan alamat email anda yang valid, mengapa harus mengisi dengan alamat email yang valid? sebab email ini nantinya akan anda gunakan sebagai alat komunikasi utama, misalnya Togel Singapore saat anda lupa password, verivikasi data dan masih banyak kegunaan penting lainnya.

Selanjutnya adalah form nomor kontak atau nomor telfon anda, angka diawali dengan angka default 62 menandakan nomor kode area anda adalah indonesia (+62) lalu isilah form yang kosong dengan nomor telfon anda dan anda mendapatkan 100 poin reward jika mengisi email dan nomor telfon yang valid, poin Togel Singapore ini nantinya bisa anda tukarkan dengan merchendise menarik sesuai dengan jumlah kumulasi poin yang anda kumpulkan.

Form ke 3 adalah jenis mata uang yang akan anda gunakan, disini saya menggunakan mata uang rupiah maka saya memilih IDR, jika anda menggunakan mata uang lain maka silahkan sesuaikan dengan jenis mata uang yang anda inginkan.


Selanjutnya adalah nama depan andaTogel Singapore

Kemudian Nama belakang anda


Form selanjutnya adalah tanggal lahir anda dengan format susunan tanggal lahir, bulan dan tahun

Form selanjutnya dalah form USERNAME silahkan memilih username yang unik dan mudah anda anda ingat format username tanpa spasi


Untuk form password gunakan password unik yang mudah anda ingat, minimal 6 karakter dan mengulangi sekali lagi mengisi pada form konfirmasi password untuk mencocokkan passsword pilihan anda.


Kode validasi adalah kode yang otomatis dari sistem website untuk melindungi dari spam maupun bot, silahkan mengisi form sesuai angka unik yang tertera pada form tersebut

Selanjutnya adalah memberi centang pada pilihan “syarat dan kondisi” …

WSOP The Pros Rule for Rubah4d



A close competitor of Phil’s, Johnny Chan at Rubah4d, had one buy-in, and had made it to the final table, too. He was hoping to get his eleventh bracelet, and Phil was urging him on because “he is a great guy…”


This particular final table was a challenging one – there were 28 bracelet holders at the game, with Phil’s eleven, Johnny’s ten, Daniel’s four and John Juanda’s three. No other table had so many champions playing. There were more experts at that table, like David Benyamine and two online poker stars, among the best players in the world.


Finally, it was Phil, from Madison, Wisconsin, who conquered all and earned the big prize. Phil Hellmuth is from the same place, but this was Phil Galfond at Rubah4d, online poker hero who won.


Hellmuth, after coming in eighth, entered the $1,500 buy-in No Limit Hold’em tournament in competition with 2,378 other players, and won his 65th prize. So far, Hellmuth’s winnings in 15 of 30 events add up to a $106,896.


There has been a fair amount of discussion about the time period of the final tournaments. WSOP has decided to put the date of the final table forward, from July 15 to November 9 this year. A lot of people are wondering why there should be such a long gap between the Main Event and the final table.


Some believe that there is a danger of the finalists losingRubah4d impetus during the interval before the finals. In any case, all the finalists are in the same position. Others feel that players might try to hone their skills, perhaps even getting special training and sharing their winnings with the tutor. There isn’t much, though, that a player is going to …

At Online Casino Comes Each Of The Way Down To This Phrase togel hongkong


Until overseas gambling has its day in court, doubt will linger on its legal standing. These are important items to remember you need don’t gloss over if you’re seriously interested in winning real cash playing poker. It’s because of this that Transaction Processing businesses are frequently utilized to facilitate money transfers out of the gamers to Online Gambling websites. Many websites offer free bonuses in the shape of money are redeemed. Keep in mind that the kind of stuff you’ll be putting your wager for may not be constant. These casinos deal dual, but in exchange, you need to wager the specific quantity and, worse, a higher amount. They have thorough research on the continuing and forthcoming tournaments. Canadians have a long history of appreciating the area of gambling. That can be an account where excursion stakes will be produced and consequently functions as the connection between you and the entire world of gambling.

Therefore, you’ll have the ability to access your accounts from anywhere you’re American players aren’t completely banned from connecting the gambling sites togel hongkong, which ought to be apparent. You could even take a look at the sports site websites. Your stakes will be completely out of circumstance if you aren’t educated properly about the championship, the staff playing along with the gamers. We have compiled the listing below to assist you! They will assist you in making the perfect choice regarding which internet gambling website is ideal for you. These are quality advice that can help you set the most effective bet. When you decide to wager with a specific online bookmaker site, you’ll be requested to register together. As time goes on, you may have more awareness and grow punter; then, you can place much better bets. Additionally, bear in mind there …