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Scott White and Casino

CHUCK GREENE (WINNERonline) – Tell us a little about dot com Entertainment Group and your role in the online casino industry.

SCOTT WHITE (dot com) – We are a software technology company specializing in the development of low-denomination Internet entertainment software products, such as Bingo. Our intention is to become the world’s leading technology company in this emerging Internet business sector, dominating the market in the development and licensing of online Bingo, Keno, Pull-Tab and other “low denomination” games.

We license our interactive technology to companies engaged in the business of online gaming. The technology is also in demand by not-for-profit organizations such as charities and hospitals, who now realize that the Internet represents access to an international donor source. We plan to create markets for our technology in more traditional business sectors as well. Venues like malls, airports, hospitality service centers, sports facilities and other forums, where patrons desire access to online entertainment or supplier-proprietary free games, are definitely growth markets, offering excellent corporate branding opportunities and product/services awareness.

What web sites do you power?

Our first licensee operates CyberBingo, which is one of the premier Bingo games on the web right now. They have been in operation since the spring of 1998 and their software can be found at In addition to this licensee, our company has recently negotiated other license agreements, which we are in the process of “rolling out” in the first quarter of this year. We are in negotiations with several other parties in the Americas and Europe, which will allow us to fulfill our corporate mission of expanding internationally and establishing brand leadership in this niche category.

Internet 789 casinos are exploding in popularity. What’s the market potential for Internet Bingo? Do you think virtual Bingo halls will be as popular as virtual …

Better Judi Slot Online Luck with Your Credit Card

Have you ever had your credit card rejected when you tried to purchase chips at an Internet casino?

It’s a common problem. Certain U.S. banks reject Internet gambling transactions.

Fortunately, every problem has a solution. Here are 6 ways to purchase chips and play an Internet casino, even if your credit card has been rejected.

Solution 1: Try your credit card. Banks that reject Internet gambling transactions don’t always reject every transaction. The transaction may go through. Or try using a different credit card.

Solution 2: Try an alternate payment method such as PayPal. PayPal is an online payment service used by thousands of Internet businesses, including many Internet casinos. There’s no charge to open a PayPal account or to make a transaction. You can fund your PayPal account using your credit card or bank account, then use that money to purchase casino chips.

PayPal is also a convenient way to receive your winnings – you can use PayPal to withdraw winnings even if you haven’t made deposits with PayPal. Some casinos offer special bonuses for using PayPal.

Unfortunately, if your credit card is being rejected at the Internet casino, it will probably also be rejected when using PayPal.

FirePay and NETeller and Western Union are alternatives to PayPal accepted at some Internet casinos.

Solution 3: Use a debit/ATM card – many casinos accept them. The advantage to using a debit/ATM card is that you can collect your casino winnings at an ATM, after cashing out your chips at the casino.

Solution 4: Purchase your chips by bank wire. You can deposit larger sums using a wire than by credit card. Check with your bank and the casino for wire instructions and associated fees.

Solution 5: Send a check or money order. But keep in mind it will take days, …

The Truth about Pragmatic Betting Systems

One of the biggest myths about gambling is that games of luck can be overcome with methods such as varying bet sizes to manipulate the odds. Depending on how the specific system works, in the long run, you will either sacrifice a few large losses for many smaller wins, or many small losses for a few larger wins. In the long run you can only lose at any game of pure luck. The more you play, regardless of what form of betting system you use, the ratio of money lost to money bet will always approach the same constant. This is known in mathematics as the Law of Large Numbers. Betting systems are just mathematical voodoo that will never survive the test of time. If you don’t believe me here is what the Encyclopedia Britannica declares under the subject of gambling:

“A common gamblers’ fallacy called ‘the doctrine of the maturity of the chances’ (or ‘Monte Carlo fallacy’) falsely assumes that each play in a game of chance is not independent of the others and that a series of outcomes of one sort should be balanced in the short run by other possibilities. A number of ‘systems’ have been invented by gamblers based largely on this fallacy; casino operators are happy to encourage the use of such systems and to exploit any gambler’s neglect of the strict rules of probability and independent plays.”

Probability and Measure (second edition) by Patrick Billingsley provides specific proof that betting systems do not win in the long run. On page 94 he states that, “…There are schemes that go beyond selection systems and tell the gambler not only whether to bet but how much. Gamblers frequently contrive or adopt such schemes in the confident expectation that they can, by pure force of arithmetic, counter …

Togel Hongkong Casinos try to lure 6-figure gamblers

Casinos love high-rollers. But there are only so many million-dollar players out there.


So gaming houses are increasingly focusing on players willing to wager between $50,000 and $250,000.


A must-have at this Saturday’s $100,000 blackjack tournament at Resorts Atlantic City casino for high-rollers is $25,000 in available funds. Without this “internal qualification,” you cannot even get a seat at the tables, said Anthony Patrone, vice president of marketing for Resorts.


The prize: $100,000 winner takes all. The tournament is limited to 100 players.


“Gamblers like gambling in the casino, but given the opportunity to gamble against each other, they love that,” Patrone said. “It appeals to their competitive side.”


Patrone said Resorts now was “less willing” to chase business from seven-figure players because they can be volatile and fickle. “Luckily, there’s more of the six-figure players,” he said.


To accommodate their growing ranks, Patrone said, Resorts’ new hotel tower added 42 suites strictly for high-rollers. Before the new tower opened last summer, Resorts only had 16 suites for this coveted group and did not have the capacity to host such tournaments.


Raid nets 23 gambling suspects


By JOHN GHIRARDINI The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Published on: 03/02/05 A weekend raid on an alleged gambling house netted 23 suspects and $17,231 in cash, police said Tuesday.


An attorney for two of the suspects called it a friendly poker tournament.


Officers from the county’s Multi-Agency Drug Task Force burst into a house on Spring Mill Cove in Duluth about midnight Saturday, officials said.


Police arrested 16 players on misdemeanor Togel Hongkong gambling charges, said Officer Darren Moloney, Gwinnett police spokesman. Bond was set at $1,000 each. Another five suspects were charged with commercial gambling, a felony. Bonds for the five, who police said …

Five Ways To Deal With Domino Qq Online Bullying

When you’re a coach, your biggest goal isn’t just to win games. Rather, it’s to shape the minds and lives of the young people who you work with. This comes from fostering a sense of teamwork and ensuring that all of your players get along.

However, when you spot bullying, it can be hard to keep a feeling of teamwork alive. In order for you to keep your team at their very best, here are five ways that coaches can deal with bullying.

  1. Make It Clear To Everyone That Bullying Isn’t Tolerated

If you’ve been noticing bullying at meets and practices, you don’t have to go to the Domino QQ Online perpetrators directly, at least not right away. Instead, have a quick chat at the beginning of practice about how bullying harms everyone, both as individuals and as a team. Sometimes one of these simple group meetings is all it takes to nip bullying in the bud.

  1. Talk To Perpetrators Directly

Unfortunately, not all students will respond to meetings about combatting bullying. If some team members are still participating in hurtful or mean activities, talk to them directly. While a group meeting might not reach them, a one on one discussion can often do the trick.

  1. Talk To The Parents

As nice as it’d be if all kids would listen to their coaches and teachers the first time, sometimes it takes the stern voice of Mom or Dad to really drive the anti-bullying message home. If a student continues to bully others despite being spoken to about it, either call the parents or schedule a meeting. Chances are that the parents will take action.

  1. Administer Disciplinary Action

If one student doesn’t respond to notes home or one on one conversations about the dangers of bullying, it might be time …

ESPN launches ‘free’ poker room

US sports TV channel ESPN has launched its own poker website, signing up more than 30,000 users in its first week.

The company is the latest to launch into the burgeoning online poker sector, and is a natural brand extension for the channel which already screens TV programmes such as the World Poker Tour and the World Series of Poker.

However, ESPN’s poker room differs from its competitors in the market – such as Party Poker and Paradise Poker – as users do not gamble with real money.

Subsequently the business model differs from the more normal online poker offering, where operators charge either a ‘rake’ (a fee to play at a table) or a percentage of winnings.

Instead ESPN says the site will broaden the scope for licensing fees associated with the brand, intimating that it will generate revenues from sponsorship and advertising opportunities. The channel also intends to launch a wireless poker game, a book, DVDs of the 2004 World Series and other products such as branded chips and tables.

The reason behind the decision to keep the site ‘free’ highlights a problem for US companies wanting to get involved in the online poker boom. Online gambling is considered illegal by the US Justice Department, and although the federal authorities have to date turned a blind eye to those US citizens playing poker online it is likely they would take action against companies based in the US offering gambling over the internet.

The result is that US companies are, ironically, missing out on a market dominated by their own consumers. Gamblers lost $237bn online last year, with the US representing the lion’s share of the market, American citizens being responsible for $73bn of that figure. The market is forecast to grow at an annual rate of 22 per …

Beckham’s World Cup Data HK KO’ed in Italy



Beckham.David Beckham looks set to miss out on the 2010 World Cup after tearing his Achilles tendon playing in A.C. Milan’s 1-0 win over Chievo in Serie A today.


The England international pulled up in the 87th minute at San Siro today and hobbled off, claiming he heard his tendon snap and felt his calf muscles spasm. He was carried off on a stretcher, with the nightmare of missing the World Cup unfolding before his eyes.


Recovery from an Achilles rupture to being able to run is from 6-8 weeks following the operation Beckham will have tomorrow, but the proximity of the finals in under three months means a call-up of an unfit Beckham for the World Cup is now Data HK extremely unlikely. The most probable scenario is of Beckham missing the World Cup but making a return to MLS later this season.


The will-he, won’t-he saga of Beckham’s once unlikely journey to a fourth finals had looked set to end happily with a place in Fabio Capello’s final squad, but his road to South Africa now seems to have finally run out of gas. His attempt to break Peter Shilton’s England appearances record also looks to have bitten the dust, ten games short. Perhaps the most celebrity of England footballers has even played his last game for the Three Lions.


Becks’ World Cup debut age 23 in France ’98 was a colourful one – after initially having been dropped in favour of Teddy Sheringham, the young Manchester United star played a leading role in England’s campaign, supplying the pass for Michael Owen’s wonder goal against Argentina before getting himself sent off for retaliating against Diego Simeone. Beckham’s expulsion forced England into a rearguard action for the rest of the second-round clash, lost …

Colin Togel Online Moynihan – Bet Player




Colin Moynihan, Margaret Thatcher’s loyal elf who shrilly yet unsuccessfully hawked her ill-conceived plan for I.D. cards for football fans around an unwilling nation 22 years ago, has returned to put his foot in it with soccer again.


Moynihan, UK Minister for Sport between 1987 and 1990, has waded into the debate over the 2012 Great Britain Olympic team, in his role as chairman of the British Olympic Association.


Despite categorical opposition from the Northern Irish, Scottish and Welsh football associations, Moynihan has insisted the Olympic team must reflect the UK as a whole, and allow the likes of Gareth Bale, this season’s outstanding performer in the UEFA Champions League, to play for Britain.


The diminutive Tory points to the BOA’s Constitutional requirement that all British sportsmen must be considered for selection and warned that an Togel Online English-only team could trigger a flood of legal challenges from excluded Celts.


FIFA President Sepp Blatter has assured the four associations in writing that a truly British Olympic team will not change anything regarding their status, but he alone cannot out-vote any motion to that effect supported by a majority of his organisation’s delegates.


The infamous ID-card plan which Moynihan trumpeted was a desperate response to 1985’s Heysel tragedy and a never-ending saga of domestic skirmishes involving English football fans.


It had first been mooted in Judge Popplewell’s verdict on 1985’s Bradford fire, but the driving force behind it was the late and unlamented MP David Evans, a former chairman of Luton Town. Evans, who belonged to what was colloquially known as ‘The Broadmoor Wing’ of the Conservative Party, took the unprecedented decision in 1985 to ban all away fans from Luton’s Kenilworth Road ground following a famous riot by Millwall supporters. Meanwhile, …

Wenger’s Job Safe At Togel Arsenal



Arsenal Chief executive (and man City fan) Ivan Gazidis has ruled out sacking manager Arsene Wenger, despite Arsenal’s poor start to the new Togel season, which has left them 50/1 with Bet 365 to win the Premier League.


61-year-old Wenger’s job security has come under question as the Gunners have won just one of their opening five Premier League games, conceding 14 goals in the process, including four in the 4-3 defeat at Blackburn Rovers last weekend.


However, Gazidis says that making a change is not even an option, with Wenger having been in charge at Arsenal for more than 15 years. Gazidis said at the Sport Industry Breakfast Club in London: “(Sacking him) is a route we are not going to go down. “We will be unmoved in the way we do things and will not be swayed by talk of a crisis. We need to stick together.”


Arsenal already trail champions Manchester United by 11 points, with the Red Devils 4/6 to retain their crown after five wins out of five.


Blue skies over Manchester…?


Manchester City have revealed plans for an 80-acre training centre in the shadow of their Eastlands Stadium.


The Blues, riding high in second place in the Premier League, are looking to consolidate their arrival in soccer’s rich list, a new era begun when the Abu Dhabi United investment group purchased them three years ago.Man City.

Since then a galaxy of stars have arrived in the blue half of Manchester, including Robinho, Edin Dzeko, Mario Balotelli, Carlos Tevez, Samir Nasri and Sergio Aguero. City ended their 35-year trophy drought by winning the FA Cup last season, and finished third in the league to qualify for the UEFA Champions League for the first time.


With an …

Europe closes in on World Togel Hongkong Cup 2018



Blatter.The field in the race to host the World Cup in 2018 has narrowed slightly over the past few days.


Firstly, FIFA President Sepp Blatter hinted that the sport’s governing body is moving towards changing the rules to ensure the next-but-one World Cup will take place in Europe, a rumour confirmed by the Daily Telegraph’s Paul Kelso today.


An all-European field for 2018 of England, Spain/Portugal, Belgium/Netherlands and Russia would in turn make 2022 a fascinating global scrap between football’s new frontiers, with the USA taking on Japan, Qatar, Australia, Indonesia and South Korea.


The bookies have consistently ranked England as favourites for 2018 with Spain/Portugal in second place and Australia in third, so an Antipodean Togel Hongkong withdrawal would bump Russia up into contention behind the Western Europeans. The Russians, like Australia, are spending generously on their candidature, but are yet to win over the lion’s share of FIFA’s 24-man Executive Committee, who will make the final decision.


The Iberian bid’s has the influence of FIFA Vice-President Angel Maria Villa Llona to count on, while the outsiders have finally given their bid a kick-start by bringing some big names on board.


Ruud Gullit has been named the President of the Dutch/Belgian bid, which has finally enlisted the notoriously single-minded Johann Cruyff, alongside a litany of low countries legends including Marco Van Basten, Dennis Bergkamp, Johann Neeskens, Enzo Scifo, Rene van de Kerkhof, Paul van Himst, Hans van Breukelen and Ronald Koeman.


I doubt they can win the hosting rights, but their bidding team could sure as hell beat any of the others at football.


The hosting rights for 2018 will be decided in December of this year.


Arnold makes Mariners move


Graham Arnold’s decade-long involvement with the Australian …